In the news: Senate passes D.C. Voting Rights Bill

On February 26, 2009, the Senate passed a bill providing full voting representation in the House of Representatives for residents of the nation's capital, nearly ensuring that the measure will become law.  The measure would increase membership in the House from 435 to 437, adding a seat from the District of Columbia and also one from Utah.  The Western seat was added to help attract Republican support and because officials contended that the state was deprived of an additional congressional district through and undercount in the 2000 Census.  The House has yet to take up the measure this session but is certain to repeat its passage of the bill in previous years.  President Obama has indicated his support for giving the District of Columbia voting representation.

For a more in-depth summary, see an Overview of the issue on "D.C. Voting Rights" (April 11, 2008).