CQ Global Researcher

Did you know there's a CQ Global Researcher? Same great reporting as the CQ Researcher, but with an international perspective. The May issue (out next week) will be "The Future of the Middle East." Here's the introduction by Irwin Arieff.

Three major events reshaped the political landscape of the Middle East during a seven-week period, beginning in late 2008. Israel launched a devastating 22-day assault on Gaza to halt Palestinian rocket fire, Israeli parliamentary elections displayed growing disenchantment with the peace process and Barack Obama moved into the White House promising to try to help resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict after more than six decades of violence. Obama's pledge raised hopes in some quarters for a revival of peace talks — in limbo since the Gaza war began. But Israel's political shift to the right and deep, continuing Palestinian divisions raise the prospect of continued stalemate. Years of talks and several interim agreements have failed to encourage either side that they can eventually get what they want. Israelis, pursuing security, remain the target of militant attacks, while Palestinians — seeking a state of their own — remain under effective Israeli control.

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