He Reads Psychology Research So You Don't Have To

With my CQ Researcher issue on online “Social Networking” just published and my current project, on animal cognition, under way, I've been wading through quite a few psychology papers lately. It's reminded me that one of my favorite guides for navigating these usually statistics-heavy studies deserves recommending to everybody who's fascinated with how minds work but doesn't have the time to keep up with the complicated field on their own.

At Psyblog -- www.spring.org.uk -- Jeremy Dean, a doctoral student in psychology at University College London, provides neat summary packages of recent research related to hot topics and perennial interests, like the demographics of Twitter or tips for boosting your creativity.

At the site, you can sign up to get new blog posts via email, too. Today's offering: "Ten Psychological Insights" about online dating. Among them, some good news about online life: "Contrary to the stereotype, there's little evidence that Internet dating is the last resort of social misfits or weirdos." Dean says that's the takeaway message from several studies over the past few years, to which he offers links on the site.


Marcia Clemmitt, CQ Researcher staff writer