Understanding the Economic Crisis

If you’re concerned about the economy – and who isn’t following the biggest market drop since 2008 – CQ Researcher and CQ Global Researcher can help you make sense of what’s happening at home and abroad. In the past 88 years, we have published literally hundreds of reports on economic matters ranging from the national debt and budget deficits to jobs outsourcing, the role of the Federal Reserve, future of manufacturing and the squeeze on the middle class. The following are just a few of our recent reports (subscription required). (And if you want to take the long view, you can view CQ Researcher reports going back to the Great Depression, and before.) For a complete listing, use the Issue Tracker on the CQ Researcher home page.
--Thomas J. Billitteri, Managing Editor

“Reviving Manufacturing,” 7/22/11
“Future of the Euro,” 5/17/11 (Global)
“National Debt,” 3/18/11 and 11/14/08
“Income Inequality,” 12/3/10
“Mortgage Crisis,” 11/2/07, updated 8/9/10
“Financial Bailout,” 10/24/08, updated 7/30/10
“Financial Industry Overhaul,” 7/30/10
“Jobs Outlook,” 6/4/10
“State Budget Crisis,” 9/11/09
“Fixing Capitalism,” 7/09 (Global)
“Rethinking Retirement,” 6/19/09
“Vanishing Jobs,” 3/13/09
“Middle-Class Squeeze,” 3/6/09
“Public Works Projects,” 2/20/09
“Regulating Credit Cards,” 10/10/08
“The Troubled Dollar,” 10/08 (Global)
“Financial Crisis,” 5/9/08
“Curbing CEO Pay,” 3/9/07
“Consumer Debt,” 3/2/07
“Budget Deficit,” 12/9/05